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Switching Off Is Hard

Dec 04, 2023

Coming down from the high pace of your day is a real challenge for most people.

It’s why often people don’t.

They just keep working.

They continue to check emails and think about work right up until bed.

Or they open a bottle of wine.


My client told me recently that he was really enjoying doing the daily crossword in the newspaper.

It was like he was almost a little embarrassed to admit it.

He said he felt like an old man sitting in his chair with his paper.


I think it’s brilliant.


You can’t think about the answers to the crossword and think about work.

It’s like enforced mindfulness.

You have to be present and focused on what you’re doing.

If you’re watching a film your mind can wander.

But you can’t solve the puzzle with a distracted mind.


I’ve had other clients who have got really into sudoku.

The only request I make is that they try to avoid doing it on a screen.

Go old school and do it in the newspaper or in a book.

Create that physical separation from your device and work.

And then the mental separation can follow.


Are you a crossword fan too? What’s your version of the daily puzzle?


If you don’t have one – and you struggle to switch off – it might be worth a try.